April 11, 2010

How To Put Photos In Your Post

If you want to put images in your post, the best way is to go to a free image hosting site. ImageShack is one of the best image hosting site.

Just Click Here to sign up for ImageShack.

To upload your images, just sign in from ImageShack, and on the left side bar you just go to upload, and get the image from your computer. After uploading, just click ( i ) icon beside the image. Go to Direct and copy the Link. You will see Rich Text and HTML on the top of your post. Just click HTML and paste your image to your post.

if you want to adjust your image you can use the code below;

<img style="width: 395px; height: 351px;" src="http://your%20image%20url" border="0">

you can adjust your image width and height, and just put your image link inside " ".

May God bless You.

Yoshiya Lin


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