May 16, 2010

I Wander As I Wonder

I wander as I wonder,
On life's journey as refugee,
Away from home and dear loved ones,
All the news read and received,
All the news I heard and seen,
Full of untold miseries:
People killed and being killed,
People raped and being raped,
People oppressed and being oppressed,
People sold and being sold,
People held and being held,
And detained in many ways:
- imprisoned, jailed and house arrest.

But -
When I turned to God in prayers
And I read His Holy Word,
Then I wonder as I wander,
A child of God on life's journey
Nearer home and all loved ones,
All the pages turned and read,
All messages heard and seen,
Full of unfolding mysteries:
People loved and being loved,
People helped and being helped,
Kind people showing kindness,
Following the Master's steps,
What happened here on earth,
Fulfilling His Holy Word,
He is coming very soon,
Let's be watchful and ready.

Rev. Dr. Saw Simon

ဟံးန႔ဿ္အီၯလဿ ကီဿ္သူလ့ၯကညီဘ်ဿထံခရံာ္ဖိလံာ္စီဆွံကႜိဒီးခီလ့ဢ္ကႜိ္ ၂၅ နံဢ္ယူဘလံဢ္လံာ္တဿ္ကစီဢ္အပူၯန႔ဢ္လီၯ.


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